Imagine you’re an astronaut, and you land on the Mars. Imagine, next, that you take your space-backhoe and dig up the area around where you landed, and find an obelisk with John 3:16 written on it. What would you conclude?

Imagine, next, that you’re an astronomer, and one day, looking through your telescope, you find an obelisk of the same design, with John 3:16 again, but this time one the size of the milky way, floating in space, off in the distance. What would you conclude?

Imagine, again, you’re the same astronomer, but now you have a bigger and more powerful telescope, and you find an even bigger version of the same obelisk floating in space, bible verse and all, but this time 3/4 the size of the universe. What would you conclude?

Of course, I assume in each case you would assume there were an infinite number of alternate universes, and that you just happened to be in the universe where you found these obelisks. Right?