Don Draper, Megachurch Pastor

I was watching YouTube clips of Mad Men and it struck me that if Don Draper was born 50 years later, he could have been a megachurch pastor. Here is my evidence:

In the above scene Don spins a slogan out of a standard aspect of tobacco production that valorizes one brand over the others for something that they all do anyway. How many churches try to set themselves apart by claiming some aspect of Christianity or even religion in general is uniquely theirs? One can hear slogans like “it’s about a relationship, not a religion” in some large churches obscuring the fact that there is, in fact, a relational aspect to pretty much every religion.

Here’s Don pitching nostalgia, and family harmony. Is this not the impulse of so many megachurch pastors – especially of the Joel Osteen variety? Depict the image of a perfect life with a beautiful family and the church as the vehicle that will take you there. Of course, like the Ted Haggards or Todd Bentleys of the world, this image is just a facade for Don.