Christians under siege

Michael Coren recently hosted an important panel on the experience of Christians in the Islamic world, especially in Egypt. It’s downright appalling. This was brought to my attention over the past two weeks as some of the students I teach are Coptic and have been directly affected by the recent bombing in Alexandria which I’ve shown above.

I am disgusted at the fact that Western aid ($5 billion from the US alone) supports the Mubarak regime in Egypt which has created an environment where the persecution of Christians has been normalized and largely goes unpunished.

Now the counter argument to all this aid is that if the US and her allies withdrew support, an even more radicalized regime would come to power, perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood. Without aid, Egypt would turn into another Iran. The Lebanese contributor to the show pointed out that when you compare persecution of Christians under Ahmadinejad in Iran and Mubarak under Egypt, there doesn’t seem to be any discernable difference. So, this argument seems to suffer from a bit of weak sauce.

The reality is that we fund the Mubarak regime because we believe it’s in the best interests of the West. But as Christians who belong to another city, we have another primary allegiance, to the church of Christ. Our primary concern ought to be with the safety of other Christians, more so than other Canadians or Americans. And our brothers and sisters are being slaughtered in lands that we support financially and militarily.

I refuse to believe that something can’t be done about this. The real problem is with Western regimes who simply don’t give a damn about the treatment of Christians abroad and a Western church that is so provincial that it fails to notice expressions of the apostolic church abroad unless they listen to Joyce Meyer and sing “Shout to the Lord” on Sunday.

It’s time for the West to be cut the apron strings if Egypt fails to show a marked change in policy towards its Christian citizens. There is nothing more important in foreign policy than this to the Church. Smarten the hell up.