Must (New) Calvinism Be Complementarian? Ctd

A while ago I wondered aloud on this blog whether or not the New Calvinism was elevating the importance complementarian views of gender to a being central to what it means to be Reformed. While I feel fairly certain that it is not a prerequisite to be Reformed per se, yet again we have evidence that it is something that the New Calvinists, the Young Restless and Reformed crowd seems to regard as a central doctrine of Christianity. This time it comes from a post by Kevin DeYoung who is upset that the updated NIV translates 1 Timothy 2:12 in way that could be interpreted as egalitarian. They replace the words “exercise authority” with “assume authority” in reference to how women should relate to men in the church and since this change makes it possible to interpret the passage two different ways this somehow entirely wrecks the translation for DeYoung. At least that’s the impression one gets when the only thing he has to say about it is this extended critique of one passage that can still be read in a way that upholds DeYoung’s views.