(Point Me) To An Unknown Author

My current job is very close by a largish bookstore, which is something that I find thrilling. One thing though that has been bothering me is that I find that I have a pretty narrow set of authors upon whose books I fixate. I want to expand a little bit beyond reading the same things. I like reading Zizek, or Cormac McCarthy, or Dostoevsky, but I feel like I don’t know what I don’t know. There are a number of authors who I have not read but whose ideas and/or general outlook are somewhat familiar to me, these include anyone from A.C. Grayling to F.A. Hayek to Hunter S. Thompson. I want something that I’ve never even heard about before that is:

  • Available in English,
  • Preferably in softcover since my inner Scotsman is cheap thrifty like that,
  • Interesting enough for someone with a university education,
  • But no so technical or specialized that it is obscure.

Let me know what you have. Long-term readers of the blog probably have some sense of who I read/quote.