Must (New) Calvinism Be Complementarian?

Another thing that was fascinating about that Fitch post that keeps giving us material over here at City of God was the mention again of the complementarian view of gender relations as being integral the New Calvinism. It’s striking to me as I grew up in the mainline Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) which is ostensibly a denomination that comes out of the Reformed tradition and that has – in my lifetime at least – been egalitarian through and through. Now I know that the fierce New Calvinists would suggest that no mainline church couldĀ really be considered Calvinist, but let’s leave that aside for a second.

I suspect that the New Calvinists would probably argue that they affirm the authority of scripture and that complementarianism is what they get from the Bible. Of course those of us who are egalitarians can make a good case from the scripture that this is an overreach by the complementarians and that there are many instances where the scriptures seem to affirm a more egalitarian position. Yet taking this position would seem like a deal-breaker for many of the para-church ministries that make up the informal network of the New Calvinism (Gospel Coalition, T4G, and so on).

Is there any particular reason why the New Calvinists are so strongly in favour of complementarianism? Is there space to be an egalitarian and still hold to at least some aspects of Calvinist theology?