Since I got invited to contribute here I have only manged one post.  That wasn’t the plan but the real world concern of paying rent trumped blogging considerations.

I also have had a rough year which included learning that an old college acquaintence was murdered by her stalker; having a relative younger than me die of cancer but not before relatives called in the dog and pony show of a faith healer to claim healing in Jesus’ name; and going a whole year looking for work and not collecting unemployment because I’m not eligible for it.  My earlier post about the dangers of taking the Lord’s name in vain was not based on mere abstraction but on having seen a lot of attempts to claim healings in the name of the Lord that didn’t materialize and claiming on an emotional response to a passage in scripture that God had “promised” to not let that relative die.  The second half of the year has been better with some very close friends welcoming their second child and one of my oldest college buddies welcoming his first child into the world and introducing me to a cool chamber ensemble I’m looking forward to writing music for. 

I have also landed some freelance projects that will help me handle rent through the start of next year.  One of these is nearly done, my first paid commission as a musical arranger.  Providentially a better project could not have been dropped in my lap, Christmas music for oboe, cello, and guitar.  Another project is combining my database administration experience with my rather unusual and partly catastrophic retinal history to work on a database for an optometry practice.  The third project is finalizing the details of getting one of my compositions for solo guitar published–this will be my first published composition.  Lord willing I will manage to publish a few more pieces in the future.  Here’s hoping that guitarist interested in playing some of my preludes and fugues for solo guitar who got accepted to the guitar program at Yale hasn’t forgotten me.

All of that is to say that I’ll get back to nerdy theology stuff and end up being somewhere between Dan and P. W. on religion and politics when I’m not immersed in tackling all three of the above projects.