Questions For Multi-Site Church Proponents

[This post was apropos of this video]

Do you ever go out to concerts?

Are you excited when people offer you a ticket to a live sporting event?

Now I know that some people out there are good with rationalization and will tell you that actually sound quality is better on studio recordings, that you don’t risk smelling like vomit and pot if you stay home and that sports are best viewed through the multiple camera angles of high-def cable tv, and that live venue seats are cramped anyway. Sure. All of these may be valid arguments, but offer this naysayer tickets to a big concert, a big game, a big whatever, they will go.


Live sound is often terrible, most sports are better viewed on a television screen. Why then are we so excited about being present, about seeing the incarnation of our passions? I suppose I could go on here about how shared experience makes for greater community, but that’s not the whole of it, about how the live experience is not mediated by how a director frames things, but that’s not the whole of it. There is something about being there that is different from watching things on a screen – even watching things on a screen with a group of people. Maybe some would ascribe this to the exclusivity of the live experience – limited seats, high prices – but then why do I still count seeing Broken Social Scene live in 2004 and 2009 at free shows as two of my favourite concerts? Maybe it’s difficult to explain, but we get something about being there that we miss when we just get the content delivered by television or high-speed internet or whatever.

Now I have so far only talked about the performing arts and athletics, but is this observation not also true in ministry?

Just asking.