Well, this is a test. I’ve been invited to contribute to City of God and am happy to do so, though at this point I am at a stage inmy life where my focus is not as high as it might otherwise be.  So I’m settling for an introductory post.

I have blogged intermittently for years as Wenatchee The Hatchet.  I originally started my college career wanting to go down the path of seminary but settled on journalism.  Journalism being the sort of job market it is I ended up in sundry jobs during the bubble of the 1990s and eventually landed work in non-profit where I discovered a few former journalism students had also landed!  By that time I had given up on seminary both because I have never felt called to formal ministry and because it became abundantly clear that plenty of far greater people and greater minds were already working in studying biblical literature and theology and that I would have little to add.  So I have spent the last ten years (up until last fall) working in non-profit and composing music as a hobby.  I sporadically attend a PCA church that I very much like and I used to attend Mars Hill and admit to having profound ambivalence about the church.  My background in church in terms of upbringing was Pentecostal so I’ll probably have a few things to say about the “God told me to” sentiment before too long.

Though I have blogged as Wenatchee The Hatchet over on Blogger here I am cloneasaurus.  There’s a reason for that and it involves genetics but I’ll let that be a fairly easily solved mystery as to what that means.