Someone Else is Always Less Christian Than You

I was reading about a new book on the topic of Christian hipsters and I noticed a list put on the author’s site contrasting Christianity with being cool. A sample:

Cool: Exclusive club
Christianity: Inclusive/open to all

Cool: Elitist/arrogant
Christianity: Humble

Cool: Alienating
Christianity: Inviting

Cool: Transient
Christianity: Transcendent

Cool: Focused on Now
Christianity: Eternal

Cool: Style is king
Christianity: Substance is king

Cool: Cutthroat
Christianity: Trustworthy

What I find interesting about this is that one could easily find plenty of instances of mainstream evangelical churches that are exclusive clubs, elitist, alienating, transient, and so on. This list isn’t a new phenomenon either, I can recall a bible study for the leadership at a Christian camp where we drew distinction between *our* Christ-centered and other, more selfish “Christian” camps. I wonder if the other camps down the road that we were thinking of (but not naming by name) were doing the same routine but picturing us as the bad, selfish camp.

I don’t know if this list is indicative of the overall thrust of the book’s argument, but I worry that it’s typical of a certain Christian mindset that turns those other, bad Christians over there into a caricature so we can feel more righteous about ourselves.