Does Doug Wilson Want You to Jump?

I understand that many American conservatives do not like Obama’s health care plan. I get that. I am not an American, it’s not really my place to tell American’s how to rightly decide this matter for themselves. Here are my biases anyway: I do like that Canada does have a government run health system that will never force bankruptcy on me. I have never seriously considered moving to the US permanently in part because I would be fearful of not having coverage there. Anyway, I get that many in American like going it alone and do not want even the modest, incremental changes that Obama and the current congress are implement. What I find baffling though is Doug Wilson’s over-the-top theological response to it:

1. Active resistance to tyranny, and to this tyranny in particular, is not just permissible for Christians. It is mandatory.

What tyranny? Being obliged to take insurance. In most jurisdictions you already have to have car insurance – is this immoral too? What’s the big deal here? Maybe this is more of Wilson’s insane states’ rights Confederacy bullshit?

2. The question is therefore what form the resistance should take, and not whether there should be resistance.

Um, does anyone else find it unnerving that Wilson declines to answer his own question on this one?

3. The theological basis for this resistance is that Jesus is Lord, and Caesar is not. Jesus is our Savior, and one of the meanings of Savior is Healer. We already have a messianic health care program, thanks. Not only do we not need two of them, but as Christians we are not permitted to have two of them.

Now Wilson seems to be putting himself into the same category as those fringe Christians who let their children die of cancer thinking that God will heal such children. This is akin to where Jesus is tempted to jump off a building because angels would catch him (hence the title of my post). Christians are not permitted any of “Caesar’s” health care? What about Christian senior citizens on medicare or Christians in the military using the government-run veterans’ hospitals? Is that all just as impermissible?

4. The great danger in this developing resistance movement is not that it will be unsuccessful. The danger is that it will be successful, and that the credit for it will go to the “conservative, good sense of the American people” instead of to Jesus Christ.

So far Wilson has given me no reason to think that Jesus would particularly support a repeal of Obama’s health plan, so I do not know why any resistance to it would be attributed to Jesus.

5. Christians may not give lip service to any resistance that by-passes the need for repentance. We elected this man to the White House, and these . . .  I believe poltroons is the word I am looking for . . . to Congress. Their presence at the helm of state cannot be blamed on somebody else. The Europeans sure didn’t vote them in.

Again, I see no need to repent for making adjustments in insurance coverage programs.

6. Resistance must be corporate, not solitary, and by this I mean more than you and your buddies. I am referring to Calvin’s doctrine of the lesser magistrates, and the more the merrier. We need officials who will “just say no.”

No to what? People getting health insurance plans? Again, it seems from reading this that one has to conclude that all insurance is evil in Wilson’s eyes.

7. In the political maneuverings that will occur in the months to come, sharply distinguish allies from cobelligerents. Don’t think about them, or speak about them, as though they were the same thing. Enormous political dishonesty proceeds from that, and is one of the chief causes of our trouble.

This is actually something intelligent, too often in politics people think that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and this is simply not true. So from a tactical standpoint Wilson makes a wise observation.

8. Civic repentance means doing something fundamentally different than what we have been doing for a number of generations. It does not entail a rewind to the status quo ante. If you rent a movie and it turns out to be a dog, what would be the point of rewinding and trying again?

But no one knows what. This is the same logic that actually pushed the US government in to making healthcare reforms in the first place. The current regime has denied coverage to too many and costs more than it needs to. What is Wilson’s alternative. Oh right, Benny Hinn will bop you on the head.

9. When it comes to anxiety, panic, worry, distress, or fear, repent of that. When you have repented of it, repent of it some more. God loves a cheerful warrior.

What is Wilson afraid of or in what is he stoking fear here?

10. Pray that God would raise of an army of men who will preach the ancient gospel in power and simplicity. Apart from that, all the activity referred to in this list will be born as nothing, grow up to a mature nothing, and its gray hairs shall descend to the grave of nothing.

Sure, okay, what does this have to do with healthcare? I mean “men preaching gospel powerfully” sounds like something that would come straight out of any Reformed blogger’s mind, but again, there’s no contradiction between Jesus’ death and resurrection and incremental health policy changes by the civic government of one nation. Does Canada’s healthcare system (championed by a Baptist preacher no less) undermine Christian witness in this country?