Did Pete Rollins Rip-Off Omid Djalili?

Pete Rollins posted this video on his blog:

The story he tells starting at 1:01 about a rabbi debating the pope, while humorous, sounds a lot like this joke by British-Iranian comic, Omid Djalili:

Now, I don’t really have a problem with Rollins borrowing material for his talks, he frequently lifts anecdotes directly from Zizek’s work as well. Insofar as he’s not a stand-up comic, Rollins isn’t really taking money out of Djalili’s pocket, but I do find it disappointing that he tends allow his audiences to presume that he was the one who came up with all his stories. I like a lot of what Rollins has done, but I don’t see why he can’t credit some of his sources now and again.

Edit: Rollins says that this joke has been around forever. I googled it before I posted this and couldn’t find it. Some fiddling which search terms though did produce a variant.