Naomi Klein, part 2

Earlier, the Poser said this:

Klein does not say that the Chicago folks want to engineer shocks; but she does say that they want to exploit shocks when they occur. Hopefully that clears things up (emphasis mine).

In chapter twelve of Schlock Doctrine, Klein discussed the dastardly Jeffrey Sachs and how the shock doctrine was implemented in post-Communist Russia. She discusses a small conference in Washington, D.C., on January 13, 1993.

Klein says the following:

The people in that room were well versed in Milton Friedman’s crisis theory, and many had applied it in their own countries. Most understood perfectly how wrenching and volatile an economic meltdown could be, but they were taking a different lesson from Russia: that a painful and disorienting political situation was forcing Yeltsin to rapidly auction off the riches of the state, a distinctly favourable outcome.

She then moves on to discuss John Williamson’s speech, who was the host of the conference. To Klein, Williamson was definitely a shock doctrine devotee and in a way that contradicts what Poser said about the book.

Williamson said the following:

One will have to ask whether it could conceivably make sense to think of deliberately provoking a crisis so as to remove the political logjam to reform … Is it possible to conceive of a pseudo-crisis that could serve the same positive function without the cost of a real crisis?

Klein notes that some economists thought that Williamson was teasing, but Klein says, “there was no evidence that Williamson was teasing. In fact, there was plenty of evidence of evidence that his ideas were already being acted on at the highest levels of financial decision making in Washington and beyond.” And what were those ideas? Creating false crises to forward a Friedmanite economic agenda.

Klein then goes on to ‘prove’ that even good old Canada was seeing pseudo-crises put through.

The month after Williamson’s conference in Washington, we caught a glimpse of the new enthusiasm for ‘pseudo crisis’ in my country, although few understood it as part of a global strategy at the time.

Apparently those crazy Liberals put through a false ‘debt crisis’ in order to make budget cuts and cut social programs.

Now a global strategy on the part of Friedmanites …. where I have heard this type of thinking before?