Exit Benedict?

I don’t know how much regular readers of this blog have been following the scandal that’s engulfing Benedict XVI but I feel like a blog that talks about Christianity would be remiss in ignoring such a story. I don’t really have an “angle” on this, though I think if I were a Catholic, would probably echo Ross Douthat‘s observation,

“Call out bad reporting, by all means; defend yourself against unjustified allegations, definitely. But don’t spend too much time complaining about a double standard, or griping about being unfairly targeted. Because, after all, the church is the church — not the public school bureaucracy, not the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, not the American juvenile detention system or the Scientologists or any other organization that you might not be surprised to discover has a problem with sexual abuse. Catholic scandals are worse even when they’re the same as everybody else’s, because it’s Catholicism’s business to be better.”

Other than that, I will add that what makes this bad is not so much that there are abusers trying to abuse children – this is tragically a part of life – but rather there appears to be a pattern of cover-ups and zero accountability for the offenders and those who protected them. In a system as hierarchical as the Catholic church it would seem like such a pattern would implicate the church’s authority right up to the top echelons.