Olympic Oppression?

Recently on Nathan’s blog a discussion has broken out about the Olympics and based around the words of a commenter opposed to the games. Predictably the opposition to the games revolves around the dispossession of rights among the ordinary people of Vancouver. Really though, this isn’t new, the powerful and the elite will always find away to take things away from the poor. The powerful and the elite will find ways to create their own private playgrounds where the rest of us are excluded (the gold medal men’s hockey game tickets top out around $25000 I heard). It works this way in every human economic system and it’s tempting to resign oneself, like the teacher in Ecclesiastes, to the ways of the world. What is really oppressive about the Olympics is how we are all supposed to like it. I mean rich people also have private playgrounds in places like Macao or Monaco but we aren’t all expected to embrace these playgrounds like we are the Olympics. It would be nice if some Olympics organizers would just own up sometime and say “look, we’re bringing in a bunch of amateur athletes because they’ll act as free entertainment for celebrities and captains of industry, by the way, your taxes pay for this so we’ll let you watch at home too.”

Is it thrilling spectacle at times? Yes. Does that mean that one ought to support it without reservations? No.