Some Saturday links: Sausage

The Church of Atwood? Margaret Atwood’s latest book, The Year of the Flood contains a fictional religious movement and therefore she decided that her book tour should consist of a staging of that religion’s liturgy. Seriously.

A prophet for our times?

Are there more atheists in America? Or are there just more Deists? The Immanent Frame has much more here.

The internet just got a bit more Calvinized: Doug Wilson is on Twitter and Tim Keller is blogging. Send your praise and/or threat of a heresy trial here and here respectively.

Ahoy matey! Sudworth and Rollins (that sounds shockingly like the name of a law firm) continue their discussion about theological pirates. It’s brought to you by the letter ARRRRR!

The complete preacher: Jonathan Edwards as the fusion of so many denominational stereotypes.