Hell? Yeah.

I’m reading up on Brian McLaren for longish post I was planning to do about him, but something jumped out at me tonight about Christianity in general when thinking about him. Consider this: N. T. Wright releases a book about heaven that suggests that Christian perceptions of heaven are probably not accurate and it is, among all the things he has written, relatively uncontroversial. Brian McLaren releases a book that suggests that Christian perceptions of hell are probably not accurate and it generates a great deal of criticism.

Now I know this is an oversimplification, but nonetheless I think it still merits mentioning that Christians can get more easily worked up about hell than about heaven. What does that say about us? Understanding what is meant when we discuss heaven, which Christianity promises to its followers, seems secondary making sure that every believer holds a very specific view of hell.


Well the implications of this aren’t great, it would seen that either want to make sure that at least someone will be eternally miserable or that we really think of ourselves as being in the business of selling “fire insurance” or “get out of hell free” cards