Christian conferences

Young evangelicals are recovering an old spiritual discipline – the pilgrimmage. However, instead of going to Jerusalem these young Christians are going to conferences – Acts 29, The Gospel Coalition, Willow Creek, etc.

As always, Doug Wilson has some wise words:

“The widespread availability of media-savvy Christianity, conference Christianity, talent-cluster Christianity, and so on, is that it has precisely the same effect on the attendees that going to the Husbandly Perfection conference had on that poor, murmuring wife earlier. When people visit a place that is rich in resources, teaching talent, and so on, like your average mega-conference, there are two possible results. One is that it makes the attendee more equipped to be a loyal and faithful parishioner to a faithful but average pastor back home. If that is the case, then have at it. Go to the conferences. But if all it does is set up invidious comparisons, then that person needs to quit going to conferences.”