Tonight: Manufactured Landscapes

I don’t know how many readers of this blog have seen or would have an interest in seeing the film Manufactured Landscapes but there will be a screening of it tonight at UofT followed by a discussion of the film with the filmmaker and UofT prof, Stephen Sharper. You can get all the details here.

Alas I’ve got commitments tonight that mean I can’t get there, but if you have not seen this film (or even if you have), I’d really recommend it. It’s a relentless look at the bottom of the industrial-consumerist heap atop which I, as someone who dwells in the West surely sits. This is done mainly through the lens of photographer Edward Burtynsky’s work documenting the visual environment of industry. The film challenges without a trite or moralizing narrative – probably because it is so supremely about visuals and aesthetics. I found that it forced me to ask the question, “am I okay with this?” without trying to excoriate me into answering in one way or another.