A Question

When was the last time you really prayed for your enemies? And no, praying that they would hurry up and die does not count. I’m sure that Stephen Anderson considers Eastern Orthodoxy a heresy, which is a shame, because I stumbled on this Orthodox prayer for one’s enemies:

“Save, Lord, and have mercy on those who hate me and offend me, and do me harm. Do not let them perish because of me, a sinner.

(a prostration is made)”

It has a better ring to it than “Dear God, I hope that this Obama guy gets cancer and dies.”

What about us though, are we thinking more like Stephen Anderson than we care to admit? Who is it for you that you wish would just die, or at least have terrible misfortune? Those idiots you have to work with? Your ex? The bad drivers always cutting you off? The crooks in elected office?