Understanding the OT

Just a quick comment:

Since Marcion, the church as a whole has been very clear that the OT is part of its scripture, and since the Reformation, Protestants have at least tried to understand the OT on its own terms (as opposed to merely allegorizing it). But the success of that attempt has been very uneven, I think most would admit, and certainly at the popular level even the most “bible-centered” evangelicals leave something to be desired in their understanding of the OT. Consider for example: if pressed, I think most evangelicals would probably explain Leviticus as 27 chapters of flowery metaphors for the theory of penal substitution.

In my own personal journey, two men in particular have helped me immensely in growing to understand the OT: James Jordan and Peter Leithart. For quite a while I have linked to Leithart on the sidebar of this blog, but I also just added “Biblical Horizons”, which is a blog associated with the ministry of the same name founded by Jordan. I personally do not think I would be understating it if I called Jordan a genius when it comes to the depth of his knowledge of the OT. For those who read this blog that might care, he is virtually the source of the entire “Federal Vision” (or at least, anything truly distinct about it), though one has to follow the threads back a few years to see that. I highly recommend everything these men have written.