In Which the New Atheists Saw Off The Bough On Which They Sit

Michael Ruse is an atheist philosopher who is not amused by the New Atheists. In fact he seems to think that they may dangerously undermine their own position when they go around saying that evolution disproves God:

“The First Amendment does not ban the teaching of bad science in publicly funded schools. It bans the teaching of religion. That is why it is crucial to argue that Creationism, including its side kick IDT, is religion and not just bad science. But sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If teaching “God exists” is teaching religion – and it is – then why is teaching “God does not exist” not teaching religion? Obviously it is teaching religion. But if science generally and Darwinism specifically imply that God does not exist, then teaching science generally and Darwinism specifically runs smack up against the First Amendment. Perhaps indeed teaching Darwinism is implicitly teaching atheism. This is the claim of the new atheists.”

It would be interesting to see whether Ruse’s scenario would ever be tested in court. Extrapolating evolution into meaning that there is no god is lousy science, lousy theology, lousy philosophy and now it may also be lousy politics.