_222_1000_Book.53.coverNarrowly beating out “kitsch,” that’s the one word description that seems most applicable for the American Patriot’s Bible that is now making the rounds in the blogosphere.

Deist (and Bible re-writer) Thomas Jefferson was unavailable to comment, same with atheist Ben Franklin.

In all seriousness, I understand the impulse behind an attempt like this, the hope that everything that a person holds dear can fit together in a harmonious set of interlocking goals and ideals. For the many American evangelicals who are particularly stirred by patriotism this is a sort of wish-fulfillment isn’t it? 

The reality is that every Christian-majority country has tried to couch their political and military actions in religious terms. God was claimed to be in aid of both the British and the German empires at the onset of WWI. Britain, Spain, France, and Prussia all tried to claim him in the Seven Years War.