PoserorProphet's new post: Who is the True Neigbour? Discussing Sexuality with Evangelicals

The one thing I am inclined to agree  with P.W. Dunn et al. about (though we disagree in the main) is that Porp does alienate (or certainly his recent post suggests it) the Christian community, which I think is bad form especially from one who maintains his Christianity. It’s one thing to accept homosexuality into Christianity (if that’s what one wants to do or feels he must do), it’s another to publicize your disagreements with a certain sect of Christians (Evanglicals, I guess) who oppose it to, I think, the extent that the Porp has done. Somebody like Porp cannot afford to take sides, or at least not publicly so. (If he does so privately I seriously question his motivations.) Otherwise, one becomes a celebrity of the debate instead of the moderator he is supposed to be. One cannot expect to arbitrate this seeming impasse if one begins to criticize one of the groups he is supposed to be the arbitrator between. As a Christian, the Porp, I think, would need first to side with his Christian brothers and sisters regardless of his brothers and sisters’ treatment of him. He cannot be so naïve to think that there isn’t going to be opposition—there is scriptural base (rightly or wrongly) for that opposition. However, his brothers and sisters in the very least (whatever the de facto reality of the matter is) are aiming to please God. They have the true intention of goodness in their minds. What is certain however is that the Gay community itself (which he says he has received no persecution from) has no similar intention in mind—at least inasmuch as the God part is concerned. This is not to say that Gays can’t love God or that there aren’t any who are trying to be good, it is to say that the Gay-subculture as an identitifiable group is either divided in its intention or has no real concern about God. It is not a community intended to love God. Hence, there are major problems with it as would be the case from the perspective of Christians of any community who did not want to serve and love God. Thus, there is a problem with identifing oneself with the Gay-community as the Porp, I believe, is doing here.