Corinthians will make you stupid

Halden lets fly on one of the best-loved, and, in his view, least understood passages of the Bible:

“If we take 1 Corinthians 13 seriously as a description of the kind of love that defines God and to which we are called as followers of Jesus, we have to realize that this love is fucking deadly. I don’t just mean some heroic notion that if we actually live like this the evil bad guys will want to try to kill us for being so loving. What seems clear to me is that if we love like this, we are going to wear the fuck out. We are going to be used up, depleted, empty, pathetic, gullible, dumb. If we actually believed in loving people according to this Pauline description we would die. Not because people would regard us as some sort of danger, but simply because we would be pathetic, losers, fools, awkward and unattractive imbeciles.”

I envision church marketing gurus everywhere cringing: Jesus is cool stop ruining his cool. How are we going to get people to like him now? More free coffee?