A New Creation

The New Testament is lousy with words about the transformative power of the gospels. We will all be changed, we are a new creation. I’ve been reflecting on this for a while, how am I different for Christianity? Not that I’ve not had different life experiences (playing on worship teams, for example – I don’t think there are many atheist or wiccan worship teams, and I can’t sing well enough to be a Jewish cantor) – that’s a given, what I’m wondering about is how I’m different at the level of  mundane, everyday interactions. Am I kinder? Gentler? More patient? You get where I’m going here, I hope. See, when I look at that question, I’m not sure I like the most honest answer I can come up with – which appears to be that I can still be a rotten person but that I might be marginally more aware of that fact.  Anyway, I thought I’d throw that out there to everyone else as well: how are you a new person?