Weekly Links

This is pretty cool – a retired farmer has spent 30 years constructing a 1:100 scale model of Herod’s temple. That’s 33,000 man hours.

How to do family devotions – Driscoll style. [HT: Challies]

The Star on the math of a happy marriage.

In a recent article for the Telegraph, Niall Ferguson laments the demise of Milton Friedman’s monetarism. Friedman believed there was a direct link between inflation and an expansion in the supply of money. Unfortunately this isn’t in vogue anymore as there doesn’t seem to be a strong link between inflation and monetary growth. After all, aren’t things getting cheaper? Ferguson concedes this but argues that it’s due to an influx of cheap Chinese labour, keeping stuff cheap and wages pretty flat. What we’re seeing now is inflation in market prices of equities and real estate. Friedman isn’t wrong. Inflation is still here. It just looks different than it did in the 70’s.