Weekly Links

Wise advice from someone who actually survived the Great Depression.

Dr. Michael Haykin reviews A university for the people: A history of the Institute for Christian Studies. The author describes ICS’s problems attracting students from the broader evangelical community. Given that Professor’s Hart and Olthius have been promoting homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle since the early 90’s this will continue to be a problem.

John Piper’s church, Bethlehem Baptist, has a great resource for getting a daily bible reading habit going. They’ve taken the Discipleship Bible Reading Plan and created a PDF that can be cut out into four bookmarks. Fancy.

Jesus returns! In a seat cushion? See here. (HT: The Lonesome Mongoose).

There’s a great church conference coming up on this Saturday. Epiphaneia is sponsoring a conference called The Evolving Church: Amidst the Powers. I plan on attending and maybe live blogging some sessions. I’m volunteering though, so I don’t know if I’ll have the time. I recommend that you all consider coming. I’m especially excited to see Marva Dawn and Stan Hauerwas, not so much for Walter Wink.