Walter Wink's concession to Robert Gagnon

Earlier on this blog, desparaging comments were made about Robert Gagnon with regards to his views on homosexuality. Walter Wink was offered as a better choice for understanding the relationship between the Scriptures and modern (and ancient) homosexuality.

How interesting then that I came across this quote by Walter Wink who makes a major concession to Robert Gagnon’s exegesis in The Bible and Homosexual Practice:

Gagnon exegetes every biblical text even remotely relevant to the theme [of homosexual practice]. This section is filled with exegetical insights. I have long insisted that . . . efforts to twist the text to mean what it clearly does not say are deplorable. Simply put, the Bible is negative toward same-sex behavior, and there is no getting around it. . . . Gagnon imagines a request from the Corinthians to Paul for advice [about how they should respond to a man in a loving and committed union with another man], based on 1 Corinthians 5:1-5. “. . . . When you mentioned that arsenokoitai would be excluded from the coming kingdom of God, you were not including somebody like this man, were you?” . . . No, Paul wouldn’t accept that relationship for a minute.

Walter Wink, “To Hell with Gays?” Christian Century 119.13 (2002): 33