Martin Luther and theological controversy


Here are some interesting quotes from Martin Luther regarding how he dealt with theological controversy. Be warned, I don’t know how much Wittenberg ale is responsible for some of these comments. (HT

Luther said that he has “not been hesitant to bite my adversaries….What good does salt do if it does not bite? What good does the sword do if it will not cut?”

When Roman Catholics wouldn’t use Scripture in their debates with him, Luther called them “coarse asses.” 

The best is reserved for his theological sparring partner, Erasmus: “Erasmus of Rotterdam is the vilest miscreant that ever disgraced the earth. Shame upon thee, accursed wretch! Whenever I pray, I pray for a curse upon Erasmus.”

Luther on anger: “I have no better remedy than anger. If I want to write, pray, preach well, I must be angry. My entire blood supply refreshes me….My mind is made keen and all temptations depart.”

And most pertinent to our discussion, Luther on false teachers: “With the wolves you cannot be too severe. With the weak sheep you cannot be too gentle.”