Live blogging the Evolving Church conference

Update: Ummmm. Ok. There was no live blogging going on. I had too many volunteer duties. I made notes which I will try and post this week. 

Right now my wife and I are listening to Derek Webb at this year’s Evolving Church conference. We watched Walter Wink speak in the morning and I’m David Fitch’s shadow for the day, which is uber cool. 

(1:30pm) Great line from Derek Webb about the story of the rich young ruler.

The story of the rich young ruler is not about wealthy or the poor. It’s about idolatry … Idolatry is whatever gets in the way of us following Jesus. For some of you this might mean giving up wealth. For others, it might mean giving up your pride and arrogance that stems from the fact that you live in a poorer part of town … This idolatry can turn into a subtle form of works righteousness. Jesus plus that something = God’s countenance towards me.  (Very paraphrased)