How much Canada has changed

Canada has drastically changed in the past century from a country that was arguably more Christian than the United States to one that is now anything but. You all need to read this book.

We’ve gone from a country with a post World War II church attendance of 67% to less than 20% in 2000. Quebec has changed from a province with the highest church attendance in the world (plus 90%) to being one of the most difficult places in the world to evangelize, on par with Japan (Don Carson illuminates this point in a biography of his church planting father who laboured in Quebec).

Consider these two acceptance speeches from different governor generals:

Georges Vanier, 1959: “Mr. Prime Minister, my first words are a prayer. May Almighty God in his infinite wisdom and mercy bless the sacred mission which has been entrusted to me by Her Majesty the Queen and help me to fulfill it in all humility. In exchange for his strength, I offer him my weakness.”

Michaelle Jean, 2005: Canadian history “speaks powerfully about the freedom to invent a new world.” No mention of any deity whatsoever.