Should I stay or should I go?

Some thoughts from Inhabitatio Dei on whether it is more missional to be rooted somewhere or to be able to pick up and go:

“I want to suggest that yes, in fact it is, or at least that the practice of geographical stability/longevity is a central part of the church’s missional identity. The first thing to be noted here is that the upward mobility of the Western middle class has nothing whatsoever to do with the missional mandate of the Christian church. The idea that simply being free to pick up and leave whenever we want is somehow closer to the ideal of missionality that commitment to a particular location is simply silly.

More to the point however is the fact that stability, when understood theological is actually a missional practice, indeed, it is rightly understood as a practice of dispossession, of instability. The commitment to remain with a people in a specific place is not static, lethargic, or lazy, but rather indicates a form of agapeic surrender in which we attempt to give up control of our lives for the sake of the other to the end of the faithful worship of God.”