The Way Southern Baptist Seminary Used To Be

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Al Mohler has changed the landscape of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

It’s hard to imagine SBTS as it was in it’s pre-Mohler days when the Imonk went there:

When I was in seminary, I sat in a classroom and watched students heckle the gentle and zealous Dr. Louis Drummond as he talked to us about personal evangelism. I watched students in the campus “Evangelism Club,” ridiculed openly as idiots by graduate students who held evangelism in contempt. I heard professors talk about how to deal with the ignorant and unlearned back at the church, those benighted laity who weren’t fortunate enough to know what was really going on as the anointed ones practice the mysteries of Biblical criticism. A friend heard pro-lifers called “fools” by a professor of Christian ethics.

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