Stop me if you've heard this before…

I was talking to a friend last night about churches and about sermons. One of the observations that came up was the number of evangelical sermons that could be distilled to “you are saved by grace through faith.” I have been listening to a bunch of sermons in podcast form and it’s amazing how often this happens. I know that this is an important message at the centre of Christianity. But is it the best use of resources to try to spend every Sunday trying to find another way to explain this in a 30-45 minute sermon. Some use personal anecdotes, some use philosophy, some literature, but the sermon’s message ends up being “you are saved by grace through faith.”

Okay, so now what?

What would be so improper about preaching on some other aspect of Christianity? And why can’t we go back to using all those handy-dandy creeds to recite these doctrines. That might be a tad more effective in our time-management than watching a pastor use every talent of communication to try to tie a story about their child’s first day of school or something to Christian soteriology.

Sorry for the rant.