I'm a terrible person

Wow. It’s been awhile. I just started a new job at my old high school today. It’s pretty intense. I have three times as many students as I did last year. Lots of work. But it’s good. The work is good.

The unfortunate byproduct of this is that my posting has been sparse. I have to change this. The problem is all blogs are cut off via an uber filter at work. I’ll work something out.

Until then, I thought I’d give a brief update with regards to my marriage … I’m still married.

Things are good. One thing Robyn (my wife) and I have been trying to do is build some solid habits that’ll carry over when we have kids. We began by doing the Divine Hours compline service and doing a brief bible study on the appointed Psalm from our ESV daily bible. After that we added a vespers service and we just added chanting a Psalm to the vespers service.

I think that’s enough.

Why all the trouble? James KA Smith explains in a post (Aug 4/08) outlining the release of his new work, Desiring the kingdom: Worldview, worship and cultural formation:

In contrast, I argue that Christian discipleship is a matter of formation, not mere information–and that “Christian” education should be fundamentally a matter of shaping our love, our desire, to be oriented to the shape of the kingdom of God. And such formation happens not primarily via the heady, cognitive “lectures” (whether in our Protestant sermon factories or our Christian college classrooms) but through embodied practices that seep into our imagination and get hold of our gut, our heart, our kardia.