Six City Links – August 4th

(1) I know hockey is important (to some), but using the Stanley Cup as a baptismal font? Come on. Only a pastor with no schpatz would allow this.

(2) A.J. Jacobs on the Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. Jacobs wrote A year of living biblically. For one year Jacobs, an editor at Esquire, tried to follow every law in the Bible. It’s very funny but I would have thought that after a year of research, Jacobs would have understood how Christians interpret old testament texts in light of the new covenant. Seems somewhat disingenious.

(3) It’s great to know that Tony Robbins has not only helped the LA Kings, Andre Agassi, and Chuck Liddell, but he’s also in the business of helping pimps:

(4) I think Driscoll was one of the first to point out how the modern evangelical church caters primarily to women. A church in Grapevine, Texas has taken that to heart and even gone so far as to design their building with guys in mind. See here and here.

(5) Dashboard Confessional to be made illegal in Russia? What what?

(6) Gospel connections in suburbia.