Michael Coren makes me cringe

This sort of word-twisting makes me think that Coren’s true calling was to be a tobacco industry lobbyist. This is an excerpt of Coren asking Liberal leader Stephane Dion about God:

“I pushed a little further. Is this God of whom you speak an important factor in your life? “It is part of the hope I have” was the reply. “A creator who is full of love. I hope this is true. I am a man of hope. I will play hope but Stephen Harper plays fear.” Aha. So it’s less the God of strength, love, judgment and mercy who is the eternal alpha and the omega, but rather the postmodern godhead of secular niceness who we hope might be the ABC of solving our social and economic problems.”

Now regardless of what you think of Dion, Harper, et al (and by all means, share those thoughts on my other blog), this is a terribly disingenuous bit of writing. Nothing in Dion’s answer implies Coren’s extrapolations – no sane person would attempt to read much of anything into Dion’s answer. When I hear about Christians in Canada pushing for a place in the “public square” in Canada I think of the ones already in the public square who behave like charlatans and/or vipers.