Is Canada an anti-church?

Dan’s comments, building off my quote from Cavanaugh (himself quoting MacIntyre), have made me think a bit more about this country we call “Canada”.

(As a preface: if anyone takes the following as a reason to praise the superiority of the U.S., I might have to, as Doug Wilson kind of put it once, tear their head off in the love of Christ 🙂 )

Some of the sacred values Canada claims to represent (and demand homage to) go under the names of “tolerance”, “multiculturalism”, “inclusiveness”, “equality”, and a few others.

But as Christians, we are taught (in too many places to quote), that Christ is the true source of unity and peace and justice for all peoples. This ought to incline us to think of Canada’s claims skeptically. Further, Christ warns us against false Messiahs, and tells us that anyone who is not with Him is against Him.

At the same time, Canada claims to provide these benefits/values without any need for Christ. This, even further, ought to set off warning bells for Christians. If one were to read many hagiographic accounts of the history of Canada leading up to and including the present day, one might be led to believe that Canada is “the last, best hope of the world” (often set explicitly in contrast to the U.S., presented as the evil, assimilating empire of all things mean and nasty).

But I don’t think we should be burning incense to Canada anymore than our forbears in the faith burnt it to the genius of Caesar.

So is there any evidence that Canada’s message of salvation is not everything it seems?

Consider: its treatment of First Nations people, its wonky human-rights commissions, its general hatred of evangelical brands of Christianity, the polarization between many urbanites and rural-dwelling Canadians, the French-English enmities, and I’m sure I could find more if I looked hard enough.

I offer this not to suggest that the church has always been faithful in carrying on its mission, but to point out that the Bible is not wrong: outside of Christ there is no real hope, certainly not in our nations, cultures, or states.