Is the Church Sex-Obsessed?

We’ve had some discussion on City of God over the past week about the theology of communion. In essence Andrew was wondering why Lutherans and other Reformed churches broke over the subject. Was it that important? If you go further back, the big topic was what kind of meat was edible. In both cases it’s kind of baffling today why such strong divisions were created over these topics. I wonder if this is how future generations will perceive the church divisions now being drawn over things like gay rights or the roles of women in church. It’s curious that gender and sexuality are now about the only things that can rupture a denomination.

Before the whole same-sex thing blew up, it was pretty apparent that there were quite a range of theological dispositions within the global Anglican community. Apparently these were tolerable until it became about sexuality – that was a bridge too far for Anglican churches. The Roman Catholic church has the advantage of a central authority that can adjudicate these things but to the extent that there are rebel sects of Catholicism, they are usually rebelling over the ordination of female priests.

Is there anything else to be schismatic about these days? Well, yeah. There’s a largish charismatic evangelical church in Toronto that doesn’t have a theology of the trinity (or at least did not at one point – I don’t know about them now). In the patristic period this would get you the boot, it’s part of what got Mormons the boot, but now, meh… so long as you toe the line on sexuality…

What gives?