Doctor? No.

If there’s one individual who makes me cringe, as a Christian, as a Canadian, and as a human being in general, when he is given a microphone, it’s probably Charles McVety. He self-destructed on television when given a chance to engage Richard Dawkins and he’s made more than a few other missteps. It bothers me that the media goes to him for quotes when they need someone to speak on behalf of Christianity.

Well they might not go to him so readily after this: it looks like the institution where “Dr.” Charles McVety earned his D. Min. is more than a little suspect. As a side note, it’s remarkable that politicians and media types had accepted McVety’s credentials at face value and that it took a few troublesome bloggers to dig up the straight goods on the man.

Of course maybe we have it wrong, Bill Kinnon offers a simple challenge to McVety:

“And, Dr. Charles McVety, if I’m wrong and you actually have an earned Doctorate from an accredited Christian University/Seminary or even Semi-Mary, then I apologize. All I’d ask is you produce your Doctoral dissertation and the ATS accreditation for the University where you got your D.Min. That should only take you a matter of moments, right. I’m sure your dissertation is bound and on a shelf in your office. (And Charles, please note that CSCU isn’t on this list – perhaps its an oversite and you’ll want Dr. Kim to get that cleared up.)

While you are at it, since your Master’s is from the school your Dad started and where you are now President, perhaps you could share your Master’s Thesis with us – and introduce us to your faculty advisers. Committed Christian that you are, I’m sure you’d want to clear up any possible misconceptions.”