Rest And The Search For Meaning

Today i pondered over a new factor about the “busyness crisis” of the 21st century. I heard a sermon this morning on the importance of rest in a frenzied world and it hit me that the reason people aren’t resting is because they aren’t sure what brings meaning. It’s as if people are uncertain if it’s the most important to build an intimate family life, participate in a community to strengthen oneself, develop career that will leave one’s footprint on the world, or discover quirky hobbies that will add depth to a personality.

Basically, i think everybody is having an identity crisis, nothing new. What is new is that i want to start thinking more about how much time should be spent doing what in our lives from a Christian/biblical perspective. It seems like the Bible talks a lot about work bringing meaning (although i can’t think of any particular verses right now, does anybody have any?)

However, the Bible also condemns wealth, selfishness and non-reflectiveness. does this mean cut-throat, travelling-CEO jobs are out for the Christian population? What about kids signed up to be child actors that also profess to love Jesus? Intuitively I want to say that being “in the world” means Christians can do whatever the heck they want with their life, as long as it follows a basic moral code (fidelity, honesty, etc), but I also have this feeling that a lot of us spend our time as schizophrenic meaning seekers just like the rest of the world.

What if all of our schedules just stopped and suddenly we had to face and sustain our relationships with God and those closest to us?

I think those relationships would take on a level of depth a whole lot deeper than they are.

On the other hand, I don’t think “doing stuff” is bad. I just think we live in a “doing” centred society and have no clue how to just “be”. I know I feel a certain amount of panic anytime I have a “hole” in my schedule for a couple hours. I can’t image Jesus freaking out this much! I think I need a monastic trip for a jolt of reality sometime soon.