Pentecost comments

From Peter Leithart:

“What do we have when we have the Spirit? We have everything. This is no exaggeration. He is the sevenfold Spirit who works through the seven days of creation, and throughout the week of history. He is the Gift from the Father and the Son, the Gift above all gifts, the Gift containing all other gifts. All the treasures of God, hidden away in the depths of God from before the foundation of the world, become ours through the Spirit of Pentecost. At Pentecost, God gives us God Himself: What more can we ask? At Pentecost, we receive the seven Spirits of God: How can we possibly say enough about the Spirit? …”

See also his comments about the vanishing of Pentecost:

“Pentecost is culturally invisible. There are no Whitsunday sales at the department stores, no gift-exchanges around lighted trees, no jolly elf, no crèches, no heart-warming Hollywood holiday films with Jimmy Stewart, no Bing Crosby crooning about rushing mighty winds. There are no eggs or bunnies either, no jelly beans or chocolate.

Unfortunately, many churches follow suit, ignoring the Spirit. We dress our kids up as shepherds, as Mary and Joseph, for the annual Christmas pageant. We put them in armor to be Roman soldiers at the open tomb. But I’ve never seen a kid with a flaming head and speaking in tongues in a Sunday School play. Mother’s Day is more likely to be acknowledged in many American churches than Pentecost.

Historically, the church has shown deeper biblical wisdom. The church year begins with the advent of the Son, and it climaxes with the Advent of the Spirit. The church has known that without Pentecost, Advent and Christmas and Good Friday and Easter don’t mean much. …”