Is it easy being green?

Or at least green-thumbed?

A while ago Andrew posted on the need for us to start eating locally and responsibly. I mentioned at the time that I had planted a smallish herb garden in a plot that my landlords had offered me. So far I have learned that parsley is idiot-proof (at least in Toronto’s soil and lots of sun) but my garlic chives (try them in mashed potatoes!) are not doing so hot. The little sign thingy that comes with them recommends sun light, and they have that, so maybe it’s a soil issue? It could also be the mint plants that try to take over everything.

Still though, most everything else is going well in the garden and it really only consumes a minimum of my time (and it’s mostly relaxing – standing around with a hose et cetera). If you have some soil that you can access, you can do this. If not, buy a planter.