Inhabitatio Dei on Mark Driscoll

I’ve been critical of Driscoll’s macho posture in the past, but nothing I said can hold a candle to Halden’s take-down here. Money quote:

“I am of course most interested in Driscoll’s comment that he is unable to worship someone he can beat up. Strangely enough this would seem that he is unable to worship Jesus. As John Howard Yoder pointed out in reflection on John 1, the proclamation that the Word became flesh “does not simply mean that God became tangible. It means he became weak, undignified, vulnerable. The power behind the creation came among us in such a way that we can hurt him.” The whole reality of Jesus is as one who makes himself vulnerable, who puts himself at the mercy of the forces of sin and death that we have unleashed upon the world. Driscoll is almost certainly right, he could indeed beat up Jesus, and if he saw him, I’m afraid he probably would!”

In a weird way, this reminds me of Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor.