Nation will rise against Nation

This is a clipping in this week’s The Week:

“Switzerland’s behaviour is disgraceful,” said Tel Aviv’s Ha’aretz in an editorial. It has made a bargain with the devil-in the form of Iran, a country that “openly favors the destruction of Jews” and annihilation of Israel. Last week, the Zurich utility Elektrizitats-Gesellshcaft Laufenburg signed a deal with a National Iranian Gas Export Company to bring gas from Iran to Europe as early as Next year. Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey actually wore an Islamic head scarf while attending the signing ceremony in Tehran. Switzerland defends its $25 billion deal by saying that Europe needs diversity in its energy suppliers so as not to be over-reliant on Russia. Buying gas from Iran, the Swiss claim, is not the same thing as supporting Iranian policies. But this pretense of neutrality is a sham. We remember well that Switzerland used its supposed neutrality as an excuse to “stand on the sidelines” while Europe was torn apart in a war between Hitler’s “forces of darkness” and “Winston Churchill’s forces of light.” It was inexcusable then, and it is inexcusable now. “Evil is not neutral, and there can be no neutrality exercised toward it. Anyone who is not against it is perforce in favor of it.

This quotation has me wondering to what extent we should employ the same principles in our private, personal lives. I recognize that I still associate with friends of mine who associate with people who I think are down right cracked, and who have personally opposed me in the past and still do. I would never sever ties with these others or criticize them simply because they don’t sever ties with my enemies. I admit, however, that what is game in personal life are not always game in the political arena, so it equally makes me wonder, if I were a leader of a Christian nation, to what extent I should and would have dealings with countries whose foreign policies are, say . . . less than kosher. It seems when I superficially look at the issue, that it would be in the country whose citizens I were representing’s best interest still to deal with these shady countries. I really don’t know, though. Some Americans want to boycott the Olympics, and I am sure the same kind of situation is happening elsewhere in the world. To what extent should we sever ties with nations whose ethics are twisted? or companies who employ child labor, etc., especially in light of the fact that we are more globally dependent than we’ve ever been. I don’t have the answer for this. But someone else might. Any thoughts?