John Perkins is a fruitcake?

John Perkins. You know who he is. Confessions of an Economic Hitman. The Secret History of the American Empire. Good stuff. I mean hey, Doug Jones likes it.

To be fair, I haven’t read those two books in full yet, but they seem plausible, that is, you now, unless the guy’s a bit crazy.

Should it bother me then that John Perkins is also the acclaimed author of the following books? (HT: Mark Horne)


“Shamanic techniques for global and personal transformation. A captivating journey integrating modern and ancient techniques to bring about profound healing.”

The world is as you dream it

“Shamanic techniques from the Amazon and Andes. Revolutionary dream-changing concepts to access inner power for personal and communal healing.”


“First hand accounts of how diverse tribal cultures travel beyond time and space by means of visions and dream wanderings.”

The stress free habit

“Powerful techniques for health and longevity from the Andes, Yucatan, and Far East that increase relaxation and enhance life force.”

Spirit of the Shuar

“Wisdom from the last Unconquered People of the Amazon.”