Things I'd Rather Not Do

One of them would be having to defend everything that my pastor has ever said. Apparently Barack Obama is in this position now as result of some intemperate remarks made by his pastor. Seriously though, I think everyone has heard their pastor say something that makes them cringe, or at least something that they don’t necessarily agree with.

A number of people have said that Obama ought to leave his church because of these statements. I made a post a while ago asking what makes a church what it is, and I think one of the things I’ve come realize is that church is not just a set of doctrines – let alone what the pastor utters. Church is community, and I think it’s laudable that Obama has stayed involved in the same church for most of his adult life. There are people who bounce between churches every four or five years, they get annoyed with the pastor or some other members and they go. I suppose if church is only about doctrinal purity then it’s imperative that you do that whenever you find something disagreeable about your church. But if we all switched churches every time the pastor said something stupid, I think most of us – including pastors themselves – would admit that congregations would turn over annually.