The Evangelist in Action

I have to confess, I really admire Richard Dawkins when he’s talking about science itself. The man is clearly gifted with not only an understanding, but sometimes a sort of wonder as well when he’s talking about the sciences. I suspect it would be a treat to take a science class taught by this man. That said, I cannot help but find this twelve year-old video of him reminiscent of something more likely shown by a Christian cable network what with all the goings on about how science is a great way to understand the meaning of life and how Dawkins feels that a museum is like a spiritual home.

[googlevideo=]This is not to dump on science at all, watching something like the Planet Earth series of documentaries should fill anyone with an intense sense of wonder at the natural world. I just find it amusing that Dawkins (or at least his director or producer) seems to use the same kind of pitch that you might see on the Miracle network or something.