Packer's Impending Suspension

Heck, while I’m at it, why not write two posts today?

J.I. Packer is included in a list of Anglicans who have been threatened with suspension from being able to administer Word and Sacrament in their parish. A letter from the Vancouver parish, which Packer is a member of, explains the situation. Here’s the pertinent section:

As a result of St. John’s vote on Fevruary 13, 2008:

Dr. Packer together with the other clergy at St. John’s have been served with a Notice of Presumption of Abandonment of the Exercise of the Ministry under Canon XIX and the notice is based on the following facts:

1. that he has publicly renounced the doctrine and discipline of the Anglican Church of Canada; and
2. that you have sought or intend to seek admission into another religious body outside the Anglican Church of Canada.

The notice also states that if Dr. Packer does not take advantage of provisions under the Canons to dispute the facts stated above, Dr. Packer’s spiritual authority as a minister of Word and Sacraments conferred in ordination will be revoked on April 21, 2008.

For more information on this see Andrew Goddard’s New Westminster, J I Packer and the Anglican Church of Canada.

[HT: The Conventicle]